Loan Against Gold, Fine Jewellery & Luxury Watches

gold loanGold Loans from $500 - $20,000

The plej® gold loan is designed for individuals who would like to raise instant short term cash-flow to bridge a financial shortfall or fund another purchase without having to sell their family heirloom, jewellery or bullion investment. Borrowing against gold, jewellery or a luxury brand watch is a smart lending option for those who have more wealth in physical gold and jewellery than cash in the bank. We lend against most gold items including jewellery, bullion bars, coins and nuggets with low monthly interest rates starting from 5%. View a list of assets we accept as collateral.

Sell Unwanted Gold Jewellery

plej® has been buying gold since 2012. We have developed an excellent reputation throughout New Zealand as professional gold buyers. Courier your scrap gold to us free of charge from anywhere in NZ. Please note that we do not buy diamonds or diamond jewellery.

Courier & Transit Insurance for Valuable Loan Items

Items which are being used as collateral against a loan can be couriered to plej® from anywhere in New Zealand. Transit insurance can be arranged for valuable items. Call 03 4090249 to discuss with one of our representatives.

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