Using Personal Assets to Secure a Loan from Plej

Plej is New Zealand's smart lending option for people who have more wealth in personal assets than in the bank. Borrowing against gold, diamond jewellery, fine watches and other personal assets is a fast and effective method by which you can unlock the intrinsic value of your personal assets. Plej operate nationally, offering loans in New Zealand against many types of assets. We are lenders, not brokers, therefore you deal directly with the team who make the lending decisions. No credit checks, no financials and no income or employment verification. Call 03 4090249 to discuss your asset or to make an appointment.

short-term-loansShort Term Loans from $500 to $20K

Using high value personal assets such as gold, diamond jewellery and fine watches to raise short term finance is smart, fast and private. Plej short term loans offer low monthly interest rates, you can borrow from $500 to $20,000 and the funds can be arranged the same day with no credit checks, no proof of income and no lengthy application process. Short term loans are agreed over three or six months period and can be repaid at any time.

gold and diamond jewellery buyersGold, Diamond Jewellery, Fine Watches

Selling high value personal assets can take time. Plej are gold buyers and provide a same day buying service and we pay fair prices for high quality assets. We have an excellent reputation for buying and selling beautiful gold, platinum and diamond jewellery, fine watches and other valuable items. How much is my diamond jewellery worth?.

Today's Gold Price

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